Twelve Planks (08/27/09)

I wish to express my dismay once again at the e-mail sent out on August 14 questioning my opponent's employment history. Though sent anonymously, it developed that the sender was a volunteer coordinator for my campaign who acted without my knowledge or approval, and whose resignation I accepted immediately on being informing of his action. I hope that the negative tone of that e-mail does not detract from the positive message of my campaign, the twelve planks of which are:

Keep Woodstock’s Culture Vibrant

Keep Woodstock Green and Make It Greener

Keep Woodstock Informed

Keep Improving Our Town Facilities

Keep Our Youth Active and Interested

Keep The Comeau for All Woodstockers

Keep Woodstock Small and Beautiful

Keep Our Communal Spaces Vital

Keep Our Population Levels Stable and Diverse

Keep Woodstock Elementary School Open

Keep Woodstock Connected and Current

Keep Our Seniors Involved, Mobile and Healthy

I discuss these planks in detail at

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