Six Planks of a Twelve-Plank Platform (08/13/09)

In seeking reelection as Town Supervisor, I want to share some thoughts with you, with more to follow next week.

Woodstock’s culture is an important engine of our local economy, and, while a municipality is prohibited from marketing specific organizations, I will continue— through the Town‘s website, through official recognition, and through facilitation of well-managed events—to promote Woodstock as the Colony of the Arts that it has been for over a century.

I will continue to work to make our fleet more fuel-efficient, to monitor and reduce our energy costs, and to better insulate our building envelopes.

An informed citizenry is a prerequisite to a healthy democracy. I will continue to keep Woodstock informed by maintaining regular contacts with the press and public access producers, by holding informative and open Town Board sessions on a variety of topics, and by serving as a moderator when invited and where appropriate.

Our town facilities are inadequate by a number of measures and need to be upgraded. I am investigating all reasonable options. Already, I've developed one plan that would consolidate all town offices under one roof in a financially and logistically sound way.

We must continue to offer recreational opportunities for young people. Our fields and courts are used heavily; we need to find ways to offer more space for athletic activities. I’m working to expand our youth programs so that there are recreational and cultural opportunities twelve months of the year. I’m also investigating ways to integrate young people into our Public Access studio. We must continue to welcome and encourage educational facilities like the Indie program.

The Comeau Property is a treasure open to the use and enjoyment of all Woodstockers. The Stan Longyear Meadow (which includes the Sledding Hill) and the contiguous wooded areas should never be developed. At the same time, I wish to ensure that the seat of Town government has adequate acreage to house municipal functions now and in the future, and that current and anticipated recreational usage includes appropriate facilities and safety measures.

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