Six More Planks (08/20/09)

Last week I shared some thoughts with you and your readers regarding six planks of my campaign for a second term as Town Supervisor. Here, for your consideration, are six more. (I discuss my platform in detail at

I want to keep Woodstock small and beautiful; I don’t want it to die. We must be wise stewards of both our natural environment and our built environment. I will continue the fight to preserve our rural character, to block strip malls and most franchises, and to protect our Town from both sprawl and intensive development.

I want to ensure that our communal spaces and recreational facilities are adequate to current and potential future needs, and will continue to lead the town in providing expanded recreational activities for all Woodstockers.

High-value properties increase our total assessment and therefore our taxes, and the owners of these new homes bear the added burden, as is appropriate. However, we also want a reasonable percentage of Woodstock properties to be priced so that young families, singles, artists, and the elderly can continue to make a viable life in Woodstock. We want our seniors and working families to be able to continue to find Woodstock affordable.

A school is essential to a vital community. Our neighbors in West Hurley lost their elementary school; we in Woodstock must not lose ours.

I will continue to work with the office of the County Executive and private carriers to find ways to make it possible for all Woodstock residents to have broadband access and cell service.

Woodstock’s population is aging, and Town government must be proactive in its initiatives to keep our seniors healthy, active, and integrated within our community. Access to services is key, and mobility is a big part of that. I fully support the Senior Recreation program and the Staying In Place initiatives and will continue to listen and respond to the needs of our seniors. They are one of our most important assets.

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