"Why Me?" (10/29/09)

I love our town, respect its people, and would be most grateful if honored by the opportunity to serve another term as Town Supervisor. Since taking the oath of office on January 1, 2008, I have guided our Town in allocating our resources more efficiently and improving the Town’s delivery of high-level services to the community.

Public Administration

My twenty-five years of running businesses honed my skills in finance, management, contracts administration, and computer technologies, which have aided me in the important and necessary task of keeping the cost of local government as low as possible. My background in construction and design will be of great help if Woodstockers decide to move forward with improving municipal facilities, which are inadequate by a number of measures and need to be upgraded in the most financially efficient way.
Economic Development

Woodstock is a wonderful place to live and a great place to work if you're fortunate enough to have a job here. Until five or six years ago, when Simulaids departed for neighboring Saugerties, Woodstock had the highest incidence of light manufacturing of any town in Ulster County. Our largest employer is Rotron, a manufacturer of fans and blowers that also maintains an all-volunteer ambulance squad known informally as Company #6. Our second largest employer, Elna Magnetics, is soon to depart for a new facility in Saugerties. Another employer, Overlook Press, recently closed, as have many of the area's recording studios. If we are to continue to keep our workforce employed locally, our residential tax burden affordable and our level of services high, we must work hard, as I have been doing throughout my term, to attract businesses that will occupy the empty facilities along the Route 212 corridor between the hamlets of Woodstock and Bearsville.

New Sources of Revenue

Woodstock also needs to seek additional revenue streams. One idea I'm working on is the repurposing of the 80-acre site of our former Town landfill, which, having been closed, capped, and monitored for some years, could now become an ideal place for a summer music series run by the Town. This would provide outdoor venues for local, regional, and even nationally known musicians and, through sales of tickets and refreshments, could serve as both a revenue stream for our Town and as a new engine for our local economy. Another possibility I am exploring is the conversion of the Mountain View Parking lot to a staffed paid parking lot on weekends; this would require an investment that could be repaid in a couple of years.

The Arts

Woodstock’s culture is an important engine of our local economy, and, while a municipality is prohibited from marketing specific organizations, the Town will continue through its annual financial support, through facilitation of well-managed events, and through its website, to promote Woodstock as the Colony of the Arts it has been for over a century. We will continue to welcome to Woodstock cultural events of various kinds, at the same time ensuring they are safe, clean, and scaled properly to our environment so we do not become overwhelmed with too much traffic and too many visitors.

The Environment

My experience on the Planning Board taught me the crucial importance of implementing planning strategies that will keep Woodstock's environment healthy. I welcome all efforts to make Woodstock a green, prosperous, and safe community. Keeping Woodstock small and beautiful is not a given: it requires care, planning, and common sense to achieve this balance. I promise you to work diligently for this if you give me the opportunity.

I will continue to work to make our fleet more fuel-efficient, to monitor our energy costs, and to better insulate our buildings. The ultimate goal for our town is to have an energy-efficient, thriving economy with a low carbon footprint.
We are making progress on encouraging and aiding the removal of underground fuel tanks, particularly in Garden District, a.k.a. the Bearsville Flats, which is also the site of our Town wells for drinking water. In addition, I am exploring the feasibility of installing a very large underground propane storage tank beneath the meadow next to Rick Volz Field, which, though nearly invisible, could aid the Garden District in switching to an aquifer-friendly energy source that, through volume pricing, could represent significant cost savings for the great many homes there.
We have challenges before us—inadequate municipal facilities, deteriorating infrastructure, and a fiscal climate that forces us to be frugal with our resources, not to mention the constant vigil we must maintain to preserve the environment. To meet these challenges, I pledge to continue to research and identify effective solutions, and work with the Town Board to implement these measures.
Please visit www.KeepJeff.com, where I have outlined my vision for our town. I am “the coalition candidate” as a registered Democrat who is endorsed by the Working Families Party and, with great appreciation, the Woodstock Republican Party. I respectfully ask for Woodstock’s vote on either of these two lines on November 3rd.
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Broadband and Cell Service for All Woodstockers (10/08/09)

All Woodstockers deserve cell service and broadband access. I am working hard to make this a reality and with the help of my fellow Woodstockers, we can succeed.
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