Periodic SpiralPeriodic SpiralPeriodic SpiralPeriodic SpiralPeriodic Spiral

title. Periodic Spiral

  • client. Electric Prism
  • date. 2001-2004

The Periodic Spiral envisions a remedy to the flaws in conventional periodic tables. This is a personal project by Electric Prism co-founder Jeff Moran. I designed and programmed the multimedia application in Director Shockwave. The application features over 200 menu items and more than 700 pages of searchable content, dynamic sliders, a color emission spectra, a flloating compound panel with information on over 2000 compounds, dynamic updating of content from the internet and section 508 compliance. In addition I designed and programmed the Periodic Spiral website and a downloadable poster in PDF format. The application has enjoyed modest success: a full-page writeup in the New York Times, in addition to being used as the floor design of a new $34.5M science complex at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.