History AtlasHistory AtlasHistory Atlas

title. History Atlas

  • client. Electric Prism
  • date. 2001-2003

History Atlas fills a perceived need for an open-source collaborative application that can, potentially, present the entire tapestry of human history in a series of interrelating threads. This is a personal project by Electric Prism co-founder Jeff Moran. I designed and programmed the multimedia application in Director Shockwave, using an open-source Java-based server to communicate with a MySQL database. The application features two components: Browser and Scribe. History Atlas Browser features historical threads consisting of 2 or more related events in any of 12 general categories, which the user may browse by selecting any of the 12 perspectives, time-frames or one or more categories. History Atlas Scribe, a tool for writing history, allows users to enter threads of their own authorship on any topic - selecting locations from our database of over 250,000 cities, villages and public buildings - or by adding their own locations. Authors may use History Atlas for pleasure or to organize their own research.