Multi-lingual and fancy date formatting

Calendar is multi-lingual: simply replace the months and days properties with values from another language and the class does the rest. You aren't restricted to d/m/y formatting either: Calendar has fancy formatting using the same notation as PHP's date function: d, D, j, l, S, F, m, M, n, Y, y. Calendar will parse in a properly formatted date as well–important if you will be using the class to modify pre-existing values (in a backend for example). myCal1 = new Calendar({ date1: 'F j, Y' });
myCal2 = new Calendar({ date2: 'F j, Y' }, { days: ['Domingo', ...], months: ['Enero', ...] });
myCal2 = new Calendar({ date3: 'D. the jS of M. Y' });

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