Bearsville TheaterBearsville TheaterBearsville TheaterBearsville Theater

title. Bearsville Theater

  • client. Electric Prism
  • date. 2006-2007

The Bearsville Theater was the brainchild of Albert Grossman, the music industry visionary and magnate whose stable included Peter, Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Band and Todd Rundgren. The Theater contracted Electric Prism to develop a web application with the goal of promoting events and ticket sales through the online medium. I designed and programmed the application on top of a customized open-source CMS. The application includes a ticket selling module that allows customers to reserve individual seats and gives full administrative control to the theater staff. With a limited budget, the website has enjoyed substantial success: over 750 ticket sales and $50,000 revenue in less than nine months online.